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Lady successfully gave birth to 7 children in Jinnah International Hospital. Thumbsup to the hospital team.

Today at JIHA a patient was received named rukhsana G3P2Al2 at 31 weeks with previous 2 cesarean sections. She had been diagnosed having multiple pregnancy with 5 foetuses on ultrasound. She was having a raised blood pressure and was diagnosed as a case of pre eclampsia along with previous scar tenderness.She was an unbooked patient but was immediately admitted and treated at the hospital. All the arrangements were done and in coordination with peads and Anesthesia departments surgery was done. All alive 7 babies were delivered out of which 4 were males and 3 were females. The babies were immediately shifted to NICU and were managed there promptly. It was a difficult surgery due to previous surgeries and resulting adhesions. But at the end by the grace of Allah pak both the mother and babies are stable.
At the end the entire team including all the three departments Gynae Peads and Anesthesia is appreciated for their hardwork and putting all their energies into the betterment of patients.

pregnancy with 7 foetuses
pregnancy with 7 foetuses