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Since its inception in 2015, the Jinnah International Hospital Abbottabad (JIHA) has played a pivotal role in caring for patients in Pakistan. JIAH is the Jinnah Inter-Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Abbottabad. provide the latest medical equipment’s qualified and most experienced medical staff in Pakistan with a focus on superior care for patients, education and training for medical professionals, and research and development.


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Jinnah International Hospital Abbottabad Appoints Brigadier (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Junaid Khan as Administrator

Abbottabad, May 2024 – Jinnah International Hospital is pleased to announce the appointment of Brigadier (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Junaid Khan as the new Administrator. Brigadier (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Junaid Khan brings a distinguished background in both military and medical fields, enhancing the hospital’s administrative leadership.

Brigadier (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Junaid Khan completed his MBBS and further pursued a Master of Public Health (MPH), equipping him with comprehensive medical knowledge and expertise in public health management. His military career, marked by exemplary service and leadership, adds a unique perspective to his administrative capabilities.

As the new Administrator, Brigadier (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Junaid Khan is expected to oversee hospital operations, implement strategic initiatives, and ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare services. His combined experience in medicine and military administration is anticipated to foster a disciplined and efficient management environment at Jinnah International Hospital.

The hospital administration and staff extend a warm welcome to Brigadier (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Junaid Khan and look forward to the innovative and effective leadership he will bring to the institution.