Asst. Prof. Dr. Saqib Khalil - JIHA


Dr Saqib Khalil did graduation in 2004 from Frontier Medical college and after House job he remained attached with Neurosurgery in Ayyub Teaching Hospital. He did two years attachment in neurosurgery before going for residency.

In 2008 he joined the one of the best neurosurgical Department in PIMS Islamabad for 4 years training program. In 2014 he did postgraduation (MS) with a gold medal.

After this he worked with the known Neurosurgeons of Abbottabad and developed more skills in Neurosurgery. Since 2015 he is working in Jinnah International Hospital (WMC teaching hospital) as Assistant Professor and head of Neurosurgical Department.

Since then he has performed all kind of neurosurgical procedures with almost zero percent complications including Spinal and Brain Tumors, Shunting, Spinal Fixations, Discectomies, repair of MMC and Meningoceles, Tethered Cord Detethering.

He is also teaching Neurosurgery to our MBBS and physiotherapy students. Due to his effort, students show interest in learning neurosurgery and they are getting trained in active neurosurgical management. Due to hard work and loyal approach to his patients he has got a good name for Neurosurgery and the institution.